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Tuesday, December 5, 7:20-9:40 AM
FAST PM 2 for 9th & 10th
FAST Retakes for 11th & 12th

FAST Reading Progress Monitoring Checkpoint 2 (aka PM2) and FAST Reading Retakes will take place Tuesday, December 5, at the top of the day. Testing rooms (and non-testing rooms for those with no tests to take) are available in the Student Hub and linked below - please look up your assigned location before December 5 so you can report directly that morning. 

This testing is mandatory: FAST PM2 is the midyear Reading checkpoint for 9th and 10th grade students, while FAST Reading Retake is the second opportunity for 2023-24 for 11th and 12th grade students to meet their Reading assessment graduation requirement.

FAST PM2 Parent Notification Letter

Click here to see student test locations, organized by student ID number:

December 5 Test/Non-Test Locations

PERT for Dual Enrollment
The next PERT testing opportunity will be Tuesday, February 27, in the Media Center.

Sign ups close 3 PM Friday, February 20.

Emails will be sent out to the email provided on the Google Form to notify you of your approval to test by end of day Tuesday, February 23.

The final PERT opportunity for the year will be in May. Remember you may also test PERT at Lake Sumter.

On test day, first time PERT testers should report to the Media Center immediately following the morning announcements/1st period attendance. Students who have tested before and are retaking one or more tests should report at 8 AM. 

Click here to sign up for PERT for Dual Enrollment testing:

MDH PERT Sign-Up Google Form

Testing Protocol

  • Students should bring fully charged Chromebook to all testing sessions
  • Students should have photo ID (high school students) to present to test administrator
  • Students should have a small bag to keep personal items such as phones and other electronics while they are in the testing environment
  • Students must completely turn off all cell phones (power off, not on silent or vibrate) and alarms. 
  • Student may not be in possession of electronic devices, such as smart phones, wireless ear buds, smart watches,  at any time during testing--including breaks.